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Students will register either as an individual, pair or group, by clicking here and filling out the following form by the Wednesday 25th April 11:59 pm registration deadline. Students are required to apply to the competition to enter. This process ensures that the potentially limited spaces in the later stages are preserved for the most suitable candidates. The selection process will be done by the See Me Live Manager and GCC Exec Leadership, with oversight from the Board of Advisors.



 Students will then attend a two-day intensive boot-camp held on the Sat 28th April 9am-5pm and Sun 29th April 9am-6pm, at the University of Canterbury Center for Entrepreneurship. Here groups will be assigned a New Zealand Business and given the weekend to come up with an innovative Chinese related business strategy to help their New Zealand business sell their product or service in the Chinese market.

The boot camp will also bring together speakers who have a grasp on China’s Commercial and Marketing space. This will better equip students with the China-specific knowledge to aid their strategies but also give SMEs the opportunity to hear from the students and network with Chinese professionals.

On Sunday, the Students will then pitch this strategy to the business they have been assigned, and judges from the various businesses will choose a group from each company to progress to the final round. 



The final round will see students present a 'live stream infomercial' of their NZ business to an audience of University students in China, who will vote for their favourite team via WeChat.  


Based on the live-streamed presentations, the final winners will be selected and judged in two ways to ensure fairness and consistency. Firstly, a subjective method through the WeChat votes, and secondly an objective method through a panel of marketing and business experts. The student votes and the expert's scores will be added together to create an overall 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The winner announcement will be made at the See Me Live Awards Evening on Friday 1st June, where the winning three groups will receive their cash prizes.

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