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Terms & Conditions



Schedule A: Shanghai Shout Rules


  • Students must be enrolled full time at the University of Canterbury in any undergraduate, postgraduate or other qualification.


  • Students must be a New Zealand citizen or hold permanent residency (see schedule C).


  • Students will require a valid passport by the time visa applications are submitted.


  • It is recommended that students have a GPA of 4.0 (B – average) or above, but students with a GPA below this will still be considered on a case by case basis.


  • You may apply to more than one company, however, you must rank your preference. Students may be only be shortlisted and do presentations for one (at the discretion of the GCC Team).


  • It is recommended students will at least be in their second year of study, however, first-year students will be decided on a case by case basis.


  • GCC’s Executive Committee and Advisory Board will select the Top students for each respective Dragons Den. In addition to these students for each Dragons Den. If a Dragons Den finalist withdraws from the competition, the highest-ranked reserve will be put forward in their place.


  • Students must initially have sufficient funds for their time in Shanghai, a minimum of $1000 is recommended. Funds used will be reimbursed by PMSA if they fall within the outlined expenses, refer to schedule C for more details.


  • The selected Shanghai Shout internship winners must attend the pre-departure orientation programme. This provides crucial information about the internship.



Schedule B: Terms and Conditions


  • Late submissions will not be accepted.


  • If you wish to withdraw your application at any stage, you must contact the Shanghai Shout Manager Yan Gong by email (


  • Applicants are aware of key dates in ‘Schedule D’ of this document and by submitting your application you are must be available for these.


  • Decisions made by GCC and host companies are final.


  • GCC holds the right to make any changes to any dates necessary to ensure the competition is run successfully.


  • As coordinator GCC will organise the winners’ flights, accommodation, insurance, visa for them.


  • GCC will not organise your vaccinations but highly suggests students talk to their local GP.


  • The Shanghai Shout Winners are able to travel after their respective internships however, this will be coordinated with GCC and the University of Canterbury prior to departure for Shanghai. Expenses incurred for this travel will be to the cost of the individual.



  • If selected as an internship winner, students agree to participate in general marketing and promotional activities as requested by the GCC, such as (but not limited to):


a) Photoshoots

b) Student profiles

c) Reflective journals/ Video Blogs while in Shanghai

d) Future information sessions such as China Talks.



  • If selected as an internship winner, students must provide content for the GCC. This content must be of high quality, for use in future marketing for use at the GCC’s discretion. This content should include:

a) Photos

b) Student profiles

c) Videos


Schedule C: Prime Ministers Scholarship for Asia - PMSA

This internship is funded by the Prime Ministers Scholarship for Asia (PMSA). This scholarship is designed to contribute to your expenses. These expenses are flights, accommodation, living costs, insurance and visas.  The scholarship funds will be managed by the College of Business and Law who reserves the right to distribute the funds accordingly.


This scholarship is a government scholarship and students are expected to be aware and demonstrate the aims of the scholarship. More information about PMSA can be found here:



Schedule D: Key Dates


Competition Time Frame:



Pre-departure Orientation Programme:


(Between 20 November 2023 - 20 January 2024)

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