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About Westland Milk 

Westland Milk is an independent co-operative dairy company based in Hokitika on the West Coast of the South Island. Owned by over 400 local dairy farming families, Westland is committed to providing premium quality dairy from the farm gate to the customer's doors. 


After shifting focus toward growth in 2010, Westland has increased its milk supply,  created value-added products and brands, and in 2014 saw further expansion with the opening of their first offshore office in Shanghai. 


Shanghai Shout

Westland Milk has been partnered with GCC and the Shanghai Shout competition since 2015, and over the years has provided a valuable experience for the winning interns. 

Continue reading below to find out what the winning intern from 2017, Brooke Leonard, had to say about her time as an intern at Westland's Shangai office. 



Name: Brooke Leonard

Company: Westland Milk Products

Favourite thing about Shanghai: The streets in Shanghai, you will see something

new every day.

Three words to describe your internship: Eye-opening, supportive and valuable.



























Important Information


For any more information, email the Shanghai Shout Manager Anna Wilkinson at:


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