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All-expenses-paid Summer Internship in Shanghai!

Introducing a unique internship competition that's more than internships - it's about pitching brilliance. - Shanghai Shout!


What is Shanghai Shout?

Shanghai shout is a business case competition; you will be presented with a scenario and will have 3 weeks to conduct research, devise solutions, and present them to your clients through a presentation, showcasing your innovation and business skills.

Winners will receive a 2-month internship in Shanghai over the NZ summer break! Flights, accommodation, visa fees, transport & insurance will be covered by the PMSA Scholarship. A weekly stipend for living expenses will also be provided.

Competition Time Frame:

18th September - 6th October

Why Join?

- Tackle real-world business challenges.

- Get mentorship from industry professionals.

- Network with global employers. Our previous partners include Fonterra, Tourism New Zealand and Westland Milk.

- Get immersed in Shanghai's dynamic business scene, improve your cross-cultural understanding and experience life in Asia.


Who do we want?


We welcome all UC students to take part in Shanghai Shout. This is a great opportunity for final year and penultimate year students to obtain valuable international work experience, and the ability to explore the bustling metropolitan environment in Shanghai. First year students are also encouraged to apply, and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

- No course restrictions.

- No language requirements.

- B- average GPA (4.0+) recommended, although those who fall below will still be considered on a case-by-case basis.

- Open to Domestic students & PR students only.


Get Ready to Shout!


Apply here:


Application close: Tuesday 12th September, 2023


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