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2024 Events 

China Talks are held on a quarterly basis and feature public speakers, university lecturers, professionals and successful entrepreneurs. Speakers are asked to touch on their background, their experience with China as well as give practical advice to those considering China as a future career path. 

Lingo Swap is a series  basic Mandarin language sessions, where both Chinese learners and speakers are welcome to attend. The focus of Lingo Swap is to allow participants to gain a basic understanding of the Chinese language. These workshops distinguish themselves from university courses as they provide simple and practical language skills that can be used in China. 

See Me Live is a competition run at the University of Canterbury by Global China Connection, newly added in 2017. It requires students to work with a local Small-medium enterprise (SME) and work closely with that organisation to plan an effective E-Commerce strategy for their organisation to successfully expand into the Chinese market. 

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